Board of Trustees

Corfu Public Library

The Corfu Public Library is run by a volunteer Board of Trustees. The Trustees are elected by the voters of the Pembroke School District. The current Trustees are:


President: Julie Hengenius

Vice President: Jessica Doktor

Secretary: Angela Knisley

Finance Officer: Kristie Miller

Treasurer: Theresa Kennedy

Kimberly Harlach
Jason Long
Patrick Weissend



The Board of Trustees has established the following policies for the Corfu Public Library. 

2016 - January | February | March | April | May |  June |  August |  October |  November | December

2017 - January | February | March | April | June | July  | September  | November Ι  December

2018- January Ι February I March I April I May I June I August I September I October/November I December

2019- January I March I April I May I June I August I September I October I November I December

2020- January I February I March I April I May I June I July I September I October I November I December

2021- January I February I March I April I May I July I August


The mission of the Corfu Public Library is to provide an opportunity for learning and personal growth. All citizens and age groups are encouraged to use and enjoy the services and resources of the Corfu Public Library to enrich their lives and the quality of life of the community it serves. The Library Trustees recognize their responsibilities to collect educational and literary materials to contribute to the improvement and extension of quality library service to all area residents.