Electronic Services

A number of electronic services are offered through the Corfu Public Library. As a member of the Nioga Library System, we can enjoy these services that allow you to access books, music, movies, audiobooks, TV shows, comics and more. 



For more information about Libby you can visit here. Use LIBBY for audio book and eBooks. Libby is a digital service available through the Corfu Public Library. You can search for the titles you would like to read and then download up to ten eBooks to your own device. 



Watch free movies, read ebooks on your computer, tablet or smartphone with HOOPLA, a FREE digital service. Download 10 videos, TV shows, ebooks, comic books, audiobooks, movies or music albums each month with your library card. Learn to use Hoopla by watching our YouTube video here

For more information about Hoopla, you can visit here. 


Do you like to read magazines? Magazines are available for download to your own devices to read with this free service offered through the Corfu Public Library. Now you can have unlimited downloads of your favorite magazines through  Overdrive/Libby. 


For more help with you digital services, you can view the online TUTORIALS or stop in on a TECHNOLOGY TUESDAY. Technology Tuesdays are the last Tuesday of the month from 7 PM to 8 PM at the Corfu Public Library. Bring your device(s) and your questions for some hand on help. Walk ins are welcome!